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Bike Storage in Sarasota, FL

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Powered 4 Bike or 8 Bike Lift – 220 lb

Our powered bike lift system now comes in a compact size, for up to 4 bikes or the full size 8 bike powered lift. Get your bikes and gear off the ground and raise it to the ceiling securing your equipment and giving you back your sought-after garage space.

The powered bike lift is simple to use and with the push of a button you can access your gear: bikes, shoes, helmets, even golf equipment! The included J-hooks can be used to retain a bike to the spreader bar or you have the option of hanging golf gear making this lift versatile for your active lifestyle.

What's included:
• Hoist motor with hand control switch
• Motor mounting parts
• 48 inch lift bar with 4 hooks or 9' lift bar with 8 hooks
• Key lock for safety and limited access
• Installation hardware
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